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How To Score

How to Score

  1. Make sure you have the right score sheet – check the court number and time at the top of the page.
  2. Use a black or blue pen (something that will not run if it rains, this is usually provided with the score sheet). No pencils.
  3. It is the Team Managers responsibility to ensure all players have signed the score sheet. This also includes if a player is “playing up” from another team. The signature on the scoresheet should be the same as the one on the master sheet held by the Redlands Netball Association (RNA). All players should sign the sheet before taking the court. If a player arrives late they must sign the score sheet before the end of the game. Once play has commenced only the players listed on the score sheet can take the court.
  4. Stay with the scorer from the other team, especially if you score half the game each. If you leave the other scorer, you have no recourse at the end of the half or game if there is a discrepancy.
  5. The scorer notes the centre passes. Note who has the first centre pass and then note down each one after it has been taken. If at some time during the game the umpires cannot agree as to which team has the next centre, they can defer to the scorer.
  6. Indicate a cross (X) on the scoresheet for each unsuccessful attempt at goal in the quarter it occurs. If the shooter is allowed to retake the attempt at goal because of a penalty then the first attempt is not considered unsuccessful and should not be indicated by a cross (X) on the sheet.
  7. If an attempt is successful and a goal is scored indicate by a tick (√) in the goals attempted section of the score sheet.
  8. Mark off each goal as it occurs with a line through the number. At the end of each quarter, circle the last goal scored. Goals scored should equal ticks (√) in the attempts rows for each quarter.
  9. At the end of the game, check and write the final score in the Total box.


Also ensure that you have all the signatures required – captains, umpires and scorers.

Please note that umpires only sign score sheet to confirm they have umpired the game, whilst captains and scorers should not sign score sheet until the final score has been checked and agreed to be correct.